Balado Makerel [ Spicy Mackerel ]

Balado Makerel [ Spicy Mackerel ]

Balado Makerel [ Spicy Mackerel ]

Does my fish looks temptingly hot? It does have a bit of a kick but its worth it! 
This is so far my fav mackerel recipe that I ever cooked :) 
500  gr whole Mackerel, cleaned and washed, slit the sides
2 Tsp Lime juice (to rub on the fish, but this stage is optional)
6 Tbsp cooking oil

2 garlic cloves, sliced
2 cm galangal
2 cm ginger
1 big tomato, cut in 6
2 Tbsp Tamarind juice
2 Indonesian Bayleaf (Daun Salam)
2 Tsp salt, to taste
½ Tsp brown sugar
3 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp cooking oil  

Paste Ingredients:
2 Big red sweet pepper 
5 Thai chilli
7 Shallots
3 Candlenuts
1 Tsp Tumeric powder
½ Tsp white pepper

1. Clean the fish, pat dry with paper towel then rub salt and lime juice to remove the strong smell, then set aside for 15 minutes, then fry the fish with oil until it turns golden and let cool.  
2. Put in the sweet peppers, thai chilli, shallot, candlenuts, tumeric powder, white pepper in an electric chopper until it becomes a paste. 
3. Sauté the paste mixture in 2 Tbsp cooking oil and put in sliced garlic, galangal, ginger, tomato, Tamarind juice, Indonesian bayleaf,  salt and brown sugar until it turns fragrant, around 5-7 minutes. 
4. Once the sauté ready, add in 3 Tbsp of water and put in the fish, continue cooking until the sauce thicken. Carefully fold the fish in the sauce. 
5. Once the sauce is thick enough, serve the fish with rice.

Happy Cooking!!


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