I Like My Food Spicy

Who are the people behind Pimentious?

All the posts written by Pimentious were made by Putri.
Putri is a coffee addict, street food lover, cook enthusiast, easy distracted, often an unreliable immigrant who now resides in Quebec, Canada. 

All the posts written by Nangbus were made by Wahyuni Karurukan.
Wahyuni is a total multi-tasker. She cooks, bakes, and sews. She can even do it at the same time is she wants to!

What is Pimentious?

Pimentious is basically our collective recipes book.

Why does this blog exist?

We grew up in Jakarta and spent our childhood eating similar dishes. At one point of our lives, both of us had to move to another country and that was where all the panic begun. We were a rookie in the kitchen (and still are) and we often miss our home cookings (and still do). We started to try recipes and exchange it between us, and thats how its all started.  

Where do you get the recipes?

We compile these recipes from books, another blogs, the internet, our mother's and grandmother's recipe books, and friends. It's  all comfort food that are regularly cooked in our kitchens and the recipes written in this blog were modified to our taste. 


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