Spicy Gyutan with Miso Sauce [ Spicy Grilled Veal or Beef Tongue ]

Spicy Gyutan with Miso Sauce [ Spicy Grilled Veal or Beef Tongue ]

Spicy Gyutan with Miso Sauce [ Spicy Grilled Veal or Beef Tongue ]

Beef tongue or what they call it 'Gyutan' is definitely one of my favorite beef cuts. It just magically delicious! It tastes like beef (well, obviously) but the texture is amazing, its almost as if its melts in your mouth. Tender, moist and a little chewy at the same time. 
Okay, if my description sounds unconvincing enough or even a little vague, maybe you'll just have to try it!
Here I have a simple recipe for your first gyutan to try!
1 veal tongue 
¼ Tsp whole pink pepper
½ Tsp whole black pepper  
1 lemongrass
2 Liter of water (depends on your pot, make sure the water cover the tongue entirely)

1. Put all ingredients into a pot and let it boil for an hour. 
2. Meanwhile the tongue is cooking, lets prepare the marinade sauce and the dipping sauce. 

Marinade ingredients:
2 Tbsp of sesame oil
1 Tsp of salt
2 Tbsp of rice vinegar
2 Tbsp of sugar
½ Tsp of red pepper flakes (chilli flakes)
1 Tsp of coarse black pepper 
1 Scallion, finely chopped

1. In a small bowl, mix all the marinade ingredients and set aside

Miso Dipping sauce ingredients:

1 Tsp of Miso paste
2 Tsp of sugar
4 Tsp of soy sauce
½ Tsp of sesame oil
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

1. Simply mix well all ingredients together and keep it in the fridge until serving time

Okay, now lets get back to our boiling gyutan...

1. Turn of the heat and pick the gyutan from the boiling water. Cool it down in a bowl of cold water. 
2. Peel off the skin of the tongue. After boiling the gyutan for an hour, the skin should come off quite neatly. If you find some squishy, and non-meaty part attached to the lower sides of the tongue's base, simply chop it off with a knife. 
3. Once the gyutan is peeled, slice it for 1 - 2 cm thick with a very sharp knife. 

4. Marinade the sliced gyutan with the marinade sauce for around 30 minutes
5. Grill it for about 3 minutes, each sides. 
6. Serve this delicious grilled gyutan with a bowl of rice and the Miso dipping sauce. 

Happy cooking!!  


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