I Like My Food Spicy

So we got a new bbq, nothing fancy tho, just a small simple propane fueled one. Much like the one we had previously, the only different is this one is a portable, isn't practical?! So this chicken wings was basically the first thing I ever cooked on that new shiny bbq, and believe me, it was damn good (the chicken wings that was, obviously :P )

Have you ever tasted Durian? Durian, or we call it Duren is one of my fav fruits. It has this particular smell that most people can't tolerate (I don't understand them, frankly) with custardy and sweet edible part. The strong stench of this fruit is known to make people either love it or totally hate it. There's nothing in between. 

Bakwan sayur is an Indonesian national vegetable fritters. Well, okay, I might exagerated a bit there saying it is a national dish, but you can ask any Indonesian if they know bakwan sayur, and big chance that they do and they love it, no matter what region in Indonesia they come from. 

Looking for a light fluffy chocolate cake with a soft, rich, and moist texture in the inside? Look no further, here I share you my favorite recipe! I separate the batter into two molds so I can put a thick slab of Nutella in the middle, because as well all know, Nutella makes everything better :)

You know, I have been missing my schedules of posting a recipe a week. I am not quitting this commitment (yes, keeping a blog is a sort of commitment), it just lately I have been failing at cooking good recipes and or failing at taking a good picture of the success meal itself. 

Spring has arrived and soon enough I will be able to have picnic outside, yay!! I am planning to attend and or throw potluck gatherings often this spring and summer, therefor, I have been trying new recipes and today's recipe is one of them :)

If you have been following this blog, you will notice that I have a penchant for street food. I grew up eating street food. Not something to be proud of, knowing how unhealthy street food can be, but it's not something I regret either. Did I tell you that there's ZERO street food in Quebec City? Well, there isn't any since food trucks are prohibited. Boring.. 

I know, I know, the internet is not lacking of choco chips cookies recipe, there are already like 1001 different choco chips cookies recipes out there and each of them claim as the best recipe ever. It is not that hard to make this classic cookies, the key is to put the choco chips generously. I remember when I was a kid, getting a bag of choco chips cookies was a luxury although there were only afew choco chips in it.
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