I Like My Food Spicy

A holy matrimony between my favorite slow-cooked beef curry and my all time favorite pub snack, rendang and nachos on one plate. Double awesomeness on one plate. It is healthy too, I mean it is covered with a mountain festive colored fruits, so it must be healthy.. maybe.. 

Anyway, I am not here to discuss about what is a healthy snack, I am here to share my latest craving recipe, so for the love of rendang and nachos, here is Rendang Nachos...

It is almost shameful to post this recipe because you can actually find the recipe to make Rice Krispies squares on the back of every Rice Krispies box. But you know I am shameless. I like easy recipe, add my own twist on it and blatantly post it on this blog. 
Today's recipe is no different, it's the simple Rice Krispies squares recipe that everyone seemed to know how to make it with eyes closed, with a bit of Indonesian touch; Pandan flavor. 

I got the idea for today's recipe from a Russian stuffed chicken leg recipe but I added a little touch of Asian flavor into the filling and it turned out ahmaaazingly good! You can compare it to chicken sausage, but trust me, this one is waaay better, especially if you grill it to perfection where the skin become golden brown and crispy. It's juicy and flavorful. 
Ajiaco Bogotano, Colombia

Chicken pot pie

Okay, the pic really don't do justice for my pie and the title of this post. If you ask me what was the hardest part to make on this article, the answer would be taking the photo. Seriously, no matter which angle I shoot from, my pie just didn't look Tastespotting worthy. But although my pie was not that photogenic, it did taste gloriously good and ridiculously easy to make.  
Dadar gulung, Indonesian coconut crepe

I know there are a lot of you out there who likes thin pancakes or what the Croissant people call as crêpe, and I am one of you.  I love how versatile this pancake is. I mean you can enjoy it as a savoury  or sweet snack, breakfast, light lunch, and of course; as a dessert. It's all simply depends on the filling you use and how many pinch of sugar you put in your batter. I have read so many variation of pancakes from all over the world and Indonesia has its own take in the pancake world; Dadar Gulung, the famous green pancake. 

Salad with mayo dressing is definitely not a typical Indonesian dish but it is pretty common find this kind of salad from times to times in special occassions. The salad mayo I used to eat was very simple, consisted of mixed veggies and boiled eggs. It was only lately I realized that it has uncanny resemblance with the Russian salad, or what they call it as Olivier Salad. 

My lovely cousin, Eva, who now resides in Moscow shared me her favorite Olivier salad recipe. It was really yummy. Here is the recipe (with a bit of twist). 

4 cups of chopped and parboiled mixed vegetables (corn, carrot, green peas, green bean)
3 yellow potatoes, boiled and cut into cubes (don't overcook the potato)
8 eggs, boiled and cut into cubes
500 gr of bologna (I used halal beef mortadelle), cut into cubes 
12 small sweet pickled gherkin, cut small
1 cup of cucumber, decored and cut into cubes 
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 1/2 cup of mayo
salt and pepper to taste

Preparing step: 
  1. Since I used frozen mixed vegetables, I re-boil it (not too long so it doesn't get too soft and mushy), 
  2. In a big salad bowl, mix chopped onion, mayo, salt and pepper,
  3. Add cubes of bologna, pickled gherkin, and cucumber, mix gently,
  4. Add mixed vegetables and potato cubes, mix gently,
  5. Once everything is evenly coated with mayo, add cubes of boiled eggs and mix gently. 
  6. Et voila, the salad is ready!
PS: I added the ingredients step by step because it was easier to mix. 

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