Pudding Busa with Rum Sauce..

Pudding Busa with Rum Sauce..

Pudding Busa with Rum Sauce..

My mother always makes this pudding on Christmas day ...



1 Sachet Gelatin Powder. Plain or Chocolate Flavor. up to you.
400ml low fat milk
3 tbs Cacao Powder
3 white eggs
1/8 tsp salt
80gr White sugar

1. Before you make the Gelatin , prepare first the white eggs ....
2. Beat the white eggs until its foaming and hard, set aside

1. Mix milk and Gelatin and sugar... stir evenly

2. Then put in medium heat,, keep stirring..
3. When the milk became bit warm.. Add a little bit by a little bit of white eggs... and NEVER STOP STIRRING your milk...
4. Stir carefully until its mixed evenly and boiled.

5. Put in pudding mold and set aside until its cool enough to put in the fridge



400ml low fat milk
200gr White sugar
2 Yolks
1 tbs Mazeina Powder
1/2 tbs Dark Rum ( optional)

1. Put Milk, Mazeina and Sugar in a pan,,,, Stir evenly , in medium heat.
2. Half boiled, beat the yolk in a small bowl,,, and add a bit warm milk and beat evenly
3. Add carefully the yolk and keep stirring the milk...
4 Stir the milk until its boiled...
5. Rest it until cool.. and keep in fridge ...
6. Add Rum when its ready to serve ...


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