Panada Tuna [ Tuna in Fried Bun ]

Panada Tuna [ Tuna in Fried Bun ]

Panada Tuna [ Tuna in Fried Bun ]

Originally comes from North of Sulawesi (Celebes) 
Once you bite, one would never be enough....


300gr  All-purpose Flour
11gr    Yeast powder
1         Eggs , beat
+/- 100ml Lukewarm water
50ml    Cocomilk , if you don't really like Cocomilk, you can replace this with Olive oil or Canola.
1/4 tsp Salt
3 tbs    Sugar

1 can of Tuna ( choose Tuna with water) , 250gr .. Open the can , take the meat out, drain.
3 cloves of garli, pasted
2 Shallots , pasted
1 tsp white pepper
3 tsp  salt
chilli ( optional)

1. To make the bread ... Put all Dry ingredients, and mix evenly
2.  Add the beated eeg.

3. Wash your hands with soap until your elbows .. remember to make the dough , your must clean !! Clean under your nails if you had long nails.  and tie up your hairs..
4. Knead all the ingredients , until it becomes dough ... remember to add the water a little bit by a little bit...
5. Knead with your palm.. until the dough's texture soft and not stick in the bowl.... about 10 minutes...

6. Rest the dough, cover with wet warm kitchen towel. -/+ 1 hour.

7. Tuna : Sautee all pasted ingredients with hot oil in the pan,, until it fragrance and the colour changed.
8. Add Tuna ,, Stir evenly  with medium heat.. until the tuna dry enough... set aside

9. When the dough growth , punch softly until it down.
10. Make the dough into 15-20 balls , depends on how big you want it to be.

11. Make the ball flat, and fill with Tuna.

12. As you see in the pic, fold in to 2 and lock tightly along its side.
13. Deep fry with vegetable oil , medium heat, until its golden both sides.


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