Randang [ Spicy Beef Curry from Sumatra ]

Randang [ Spicy Beef Curry from Sumatra ]

Randang [ Spicy Beef Curry from Sumatra ]

Don't judge this food by its look.. The best food in the world CNN's version 2011.
Originally comes from West Sumatra ( Minangkabau). This dish is often served at ceremonial occasions and to honored guests, It's not only delicious but also meaningful in Minangkabau society.
If you haven't already, go ahead.. "Rendang should be the first! It's a really nice, you should try!"


2kg cubed beef
3 Stalks Lemongrass, bruised
3 Kaffir lime leaf
4 tbs Tamarind paste (soak in warm water, remove the pits then use the water to cook)
2 packs of Instant Cocomilk @200ml , much better if you have fresh Cocomilk
Vegetable oil

8 Cloves Garlic
12 Bawang merah or 5 Shallots
5 Red Chili or Cabe Rawit
150 gr Cabe Merah Keriting or Thai Pepper or Bird's eye Chili Pepper
4cm Fresh Tumeric, peeled
White Pepper
6cm Fresh Ginger, peeled
4cm Fresh Galangal, peeled
6 Candlenut or Kemiri
*) To paste all these ingredients with food processor, Do not use water.. but use vegetable oil about 50ml.

These are just half of the ingredients, the rest I forgot to capture...

1. Sautée the pasted ingredients in low heat  until its fragrant and the colour changed, stir evenly.
2. Add Cocomilk, Lemongrass, Kaffir Leaf, Tamarind, keep stirring in low heat, about 10 minutes...
3. Add the cube meat, stir evenly .. add some water , around 150ml.
4. Keep stirring carefully and slowly... not always .. but often check your pan and stir... Put in medium heat (not too hot) and uncover the pan

 Oh yes Baby keep stirring...xixixi... without burning or ruining your meat.. 

6. It takes a couple of hours to reduce the water.  ( in my kitchen took 2 hours)

Have you checked your pan again ?? Don't leave it too long out of your sight!!
Keep Stirring...

7. Put in the lowest heat, to get dark colour. and you can a rest a bit.. check your pan and stir once in while.
8. About 1 or 1,5 hours then its ready...... more tasty if you keep one night and re-heat in a pan not in a microwave before serve...

Okay, this is how it looks like, after I kept in fridge 2 nights and re-heat.. 

PS: It costs alot of energy and time , so if you're not patient enough, just forget this recipe then go to nearest Rumah Makan Padang :-)  .. The taste and the result of your Rendang depends on your mood..  Trust me :-)


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