Mie Ajam Dolgar [ Indonesian Noodles with Chicken , Dolgar style ]

Mie Ajam Dolgar [ Indonesian Noodles with Chicken , Dolgar style ]

Mie Ajam Dolgar [ Indonesian Noodles with Chicken , Dolgar style ]

Mie Ajam is one of my favorite street food. Every Mie Ajam street vendor has their `secret`recipe. Thats why you can not compare one Mie Ajam to another. Each one has their own unique taste. The key of a great Mie Ajam is on the chicken sauce. Strangely enough, the best meat to use is not on the chicken meat itself, I prefer to use the neck or heart and gizzard. This time I make mine with chicken heart and gizzard.

Super complete Mie Ajam from Nangbus' kitchen; yummy chicken, fried and steamed wontons, and tasty broth. Lets feast!!


250 gr Ca Mein noodle (egg noodle), boiled and set aside

The Broth:

200 gr Chicken heart, clean thoroughly
200 gr Chicken gizzard, clean thoroughly
2 garlic clove, bruised
2 Tbsp (30 ml) Chicken broth powder
¼ Tsp White pepper
2 cm Ginger
1 liter of water

1. Put all the ingredient in a pan and let boil and set aside
2. When its a bit cooler, drain the heart and cut the chicken gizzard into bite size
3. Keep the broth in the pan

The Chicken sauce:
4 shallots,
2 garlic
2 Tbsp Sesame Oil
½ cup (125 ml) button mushroom, cut into slices
1½ Tbsp Oyster sauce
1½ Tbsp Soya sauce (Chinese soy sauce)
2 Tbsp Ketjap manis
1 Tbsp chicken broth powder
2 cm ginger
½ Cup of white toffu (optional), diced
½ Tsp White pepper
1 Scallion, chopped

1. Paste shallots and garlic
2. Saute the shallot paste until fragrant, add ginger
3. Add oyster sauce, soya sauce, Ketjap manis, ginger and chicken broth. If in this stage you find your sauce a bit thick, pour in 2 Tbsp broth previously made. Add white pepper
4. Throw in the heart and gizzard, mushroom and toffu
5. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for awhile. I find it better when you let it simmer for a long time so the juice can really soak into the meat and toffu.

To serve:
1. Reheat the broth to boil.
2. Put a scoop of the noodle on a serving bowl
3. Pour the chicken sauce on top
4. Pour ¼ cup of broth
5. Sprinkle the chopped scallion
6. Get your chopstick ready!!

PS: To add a bit of kick, put a bit of sriracha sauce.This dish is best served with some kind of chips (kerupuk). If you have some meat balls in the fridge (see Nangbus`s previous recipe of the meatballs), it will be super awesome to reheat it and throw it in your Mie Ajam Noodle bowl.
If you use chicken neck for the sauce, make sure you let it simmer for a long time so that the meat will fall apart from the neck bone and easier to eat. Its super deli!!!


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