Crispketa Nangbus [ Bruschetta Tuna ]

Crispketa Nangbus [ Bruschetta Tuna ]

Crispketa Nangbus [ Bruschetta Tuna ]

Bruschetta is a simple , fresh Italian appetizer (finger food) that can be prepared any minutes and enjoyed anytime you like..
Great for parties and picnics or when your kids friends come and you have no idea what to make... Believe me Chips and Cola  are Not a good Idea ;-) ,, 
so Why don't you try this one .... Simple and healthy food...

Ingredients :

1 onion , copped finely
1 sweet red pepper, diced
1 French or Italian bread (baguette bread)
1 can of Tuna
1 cup (125 gr) shredded mozarella 
Salt and White Pepper

Mayonaise, as much as you want, but not too much

  Half Paprika and you can choose any colour you like..  Chop...

Oh yes , remember to Preheat oven to 350F (180C) )while you prepare all these things... I almost forget hehehe
okay,,, so let's we continue again..

 A can of Tuna

 Italian Bread or Baguette, slice it, well since I didn't have much time so you can see every slice has different size hehehehe

 Mozarella Cheese

 In a bowl , combine Mayo, ½ of the cup of  Mozzarella, Onion, Paprika, and Tuna 
DON'T FORGET : Add Salt and White Pepper!!!

 Now place the baguette on the baking sheet , then spread the tuna mixed on it.. and sprinkle the left over Mozzarella on top..

 Bake them in 180C for about 10-15minutes

And That is it!!
Hmmm Crispy in the bottom and Melted cheese on the top
I am sure every kid will love this one.... 

Happy Cooking!!


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