Tahu Kuning (Tasty Tumeric Tofu)

Tahu Kuning (Tasty Tumeric Tofu)

Tahu Kuning (Tasty Tumeric Tofu)

Tahu Kuning (Tasty Tumeric Tofu)

As you have read from my previous posts, I have this craze over tofu. Its funny how people around me think that I am a vegetarian or a healthy eater because I love tofu (if only they know what I do to my tofus.. pffff.. I even make sugar pie tofu from times to times, and that's far from healthy). Most of them also comment how bland and tasteless tofu is. At first I thought they are just tongue dead.  After tasting every white tofu brands out there at our local groceries, I must admit that my friends aren't fully tongue dead. These white tofus do lacking in flavor. I guess mostly all the tofu sold at our groceries are meant to be a part of a dish instead of become a dish by itself.

If you are looking for a simple way to make appetizer or snack with tofu, then today is your lucky day! I am sharing you my (not so secret anymore) trick on making simple white tofu tasty. 

Cook Time

Prep Time



0 hour 15 min 0 hour 10 min 2 hour 00 min Serves a lot! 


450 gr silky white toffu
1 or 2 garlic
2 cm fresh kunyit (turmeric)
2 cm kencur (Kaempferia galangal)
1 tsp salt or chicken/beef broth powder
a sprinkle freshly ground blackpepper
200 ml water
oil for deep frying

Cooking steps

1 Cut the tofu into small bite cubes (or whatever size actually)
2 On a mortar pestle, crush garlic, fresh turmeric, and kaempferia galangal into chunky paste, 
3 Put the turmeric paste in a medium glass container, add water, salt and black pepper, stir
4 Add the cubed tofu and let it marinate over a night or minimum 2 hours (at least until the color of the tofu becomes yellow), turn the tofu every now so the whole sides of it is yellowed,
5 Deep fry the tofu until it turns light golden brown on each side. Serve with your favorite condiment.

Happy cooking!!

PS: Use glass container so it won't get yellow stain from the turmeric. I used a medium container so the tofu were well marinated. Dip the tip of your pinky in the marinade just to check if its salty enough, adjust the salt accordingly.
On this plate I sprinkled deconstructed sambal ketjap (thai chilies, shallot, and ketjap manis)

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