Makaroni Keju Panggang (Mac and Cheese Bites)

Makaroni Keju Panggang (Mac and Cheese Bites)

Makaroni Keju Panggang (Mac and Cheese Bites)

Makaroni Keju Panggang (Mac and Cheese Bites)

Baked Mac and Cheese, although it is not a traditional Indonesian cuisine, it is very well-known dish in Jakarta. We serve it mostly as snack. My mom used to make it in a big casserole, my brother and I would dip it in spicy sauce then gobble it up in no time. The ingredients used for this recipe like cheese and milk were expensive so my mom didn't cook it as often as we wished. She made it mostly on special occasions or when we had guests that she wanted to impress. It was kind of a luxury snack for us.

Last week, a lovely friend of mine invited us to her place for dinner. She served Mac and Cheese on bite size for appetizer, brilliant!! I love heavy dishes that come in bite size. It leaves me a reason to eat more because hey, its only a bite size anyway :P 


2 cups of uncooked rigged macaroni
4 links of your favorite sausages, cut into small dice
2 scallions, cut thinly
1 red paprika, diced
1/4 cup of canned corn kernels
1 tbsp of melted butter
1 cup of milk
salt to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste
3 eggs, beaten
3 cups of shredded mozarella and cheddar cheese (I used shredded mix pack)

Cooking steps:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 F/175 C. Grease your muffin trays with oil,
  2. Cook the rigged macaroni according to the instruction on the package for 8 minutes, or just until its al-dente soft (cooked but still a little firm) then remove it from the heat and drain,
  3. In a large mixing bowl, add diced sausage, scallions, diced red paprika, corn, melted butter, milk, salt and pepper, mix thoroughly, 
  4. Add the cooked macaroni, eggs and shredded cheeses into the mix,. Fold gently until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly,
  5. Scoop the mixture into the greased muffin trays and bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until it looks nice golden brown, 
  6. Once it turns golden brown, set aside and let it cools down before you remove it out of the trays. 
  7. Et voila, serve it as snack or appetizer along with your favorite dipping. Today I made mayo-sriracha dipping to go with it. 

Happy cooking!!

PS: My mixture filled up my 12 holes mini muffin tray and my 9 holes medium muffin tray.
If you try to remove the baked Mac and Cheese from the tray and it crumbles, it means it is not cool enough. Let it aside for another few minutes to allow the cheese to set, it shall keep its muffin shape. 

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