Samosa with Moose meat Filling

Samosa with Moose meat Filling

Samosa with Moose meat Filling

Samosa with Moose Meat Filling

Today's recipe is totally not a traditional Indonesian recipe at all, however I cook it often since I tend to have a lot of moose meat. You can use any strong-flavored meat such as lamb or even turkey. I used a lot of spices to soften the meat flavor yet careful enough it doesn't taste too much like a big triangle chunk of deep fried spice mix. 


500 gr ground strong-flavoured meat (lamb, venison like moose, deer, etc. I used moose),
250 gr canned water chesnut (the one in water, not brine), dry and cut into small dice,
1 big onion,
5 garlic cloves,
1" fresh ginger,
1/2 tsp turmeric powder,
1/2 cumin powder,
1 tsp coriander powder,
1 tbsp dried chili flake (optional),
salt and lots of pepper
2 tbsp oil to sauté
1 pack of spring roll pastry (with this batch, I made around 40 pieces of samosas)

To glue the edges:

1 tbsp flour,
2 tbsp water
mix flour and water in a small bowl until the flour is well diluted

Step for the filling:

1. Put onion, garlic and fresh ginger into an electric food processor and turn it into paste,
2. On medium heat, sauté the paste until fragrant and add turmeric, cumin and corriander, mix well,
3. Add meat and continue cooking until the meat turn into grey-ish color,
4. Add chili flake, salt and lots of pepper, adjust the amount to your taste,
5. Add the water chesnut and continue cooking until the water mostly evaporated, but not to dry tho,
6. Turn off the heat and set aside your samosa filling.
7. Prepare the glue for the edges,
8. Spread one piece of the spring roll pastry and add some filling. Fold it neatly and glue the edges with the flour mix,
9. Deep fry the samosas until it turns golden. Make sure that your oil is hot enough so it will fry the samosa's shell fast enough and the oil doesn't get to soak into the filling too much,
10. Dry the samosas on paper towels before serving,
11. Serve the samosas with your favorite condiments, I used Indonesian chili sauce (sambal).

Happy cooking!!

PS: please adjust the amount of the spices according to your taste, especially if you are using venison since each venison meat has its own strong and distinctive flavor to it. For this recipe I used ground meat of a young  moose. 


  1. may i asking how i can get the water chesnut in here... or can i change with another? thanx for the nice receipt

  2. Hi there, thank you for dropping by :)
    I always bought it in a can at an asian grocery. I think you can replace it with Jicama (in Indonesia we call it Bengkuang). Both has similar texture. I used it mostly to add crunchy bites to the samosa.
    Let me know if you like the recipe, happy cooking!


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