Lobster Spring Rolls

Lobster Spring Rolls

Lobster Spring Rolls

Lobster spring rolls

Today was the first day of full sun and the temperature was over 20 Celcius here in my city. We had a long agonizing winter this year, so when you can actually go out without layers of coat and its sunny outside, you definitely do not want to waste such a beautiful day in the kitchen. However, I still had to feed my growling stomach which at the moment starts to show its ability to impersonate a whale mating sound. 

I was thinking to make a simple sandwich to bring and eat it at a park. I went to a nearby grocery to get some cooked meat for the sandwich and then I saw this nice cooked lobster on specials. I like lobsters, and I like it even more when its on special. Woo hoo!! 

Fortunately, I had few ripe mangos and avocados at home, and I was thinking what could I do with these fruits and lobster meat. I mean a sandwich could do, but when its hot outside, I don't really like eating heavy stuff like bread, and I was like, hey, why didn't I make some summer spring rolls instead! 

To be honest, before, I didn't really like summer spring rolls much since usually they put cilantro in it and I am cilantro taste intolerant, yeah I am picky like that. But now since I can make my own rolls,  I use fresh basil instead to give some taste to my spring rolls. 

Et voila, cook-free supper!!


Meat from 1 cooked lobster, cut into small pieces, add salt and pepper if necessary,
1 ripe (but not mushy) avocado, sliced,
1 ripe mango, sliced into long sticks,
few leaves of boston salad, 
1 carrot, julienned, 
rice vermicelli, blanched, 
Few fresh basil leaves, 
rice papers (Vietnamese spring rolls wrappers), for the amount of ingredients I had, I managed to make 5 (rather fat and stubby) rolls


1. Dip the rice papers in water for a second, just to make sure the whole surface get watered. At this moment, it might be as stiff as a paper but don't worry, it will get soften and easy to work with once you are done putting all the filling. 
2. Lay a leaf of the boston salad on one almost-to-the-edge or the wrapper then add the rest ingredients neatly on it. For easier folding, I made sure that the carrot, avocado and mango are on horizontal position.
3. Put basil leaves on after another so you can have a taste of it on each bite. 
4. Fold of half the rice paper until the ingredients is covered, make sure to make it tightly yet try not to rip it. Fold the sides, hold it firmly and roll the entire wrapper horizontally.
5. Repeat with the remaining wrappers and filling,
6. There you go, go have some fun picnicking and enjoying the day with these fresh rolls , serve with store-bought sweet chili Thai sauce. 

PS: as you can see, there are no special ingredients that I put, so I think you can substitute the lobster with any kind of cooked meat, just make sure its not heavily spiced, the point of this spring rolls is to have the fresh taste of summer in your mouth. 


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