Sayur Ketupat Betawi [ Betawi Vegetable and Rice Soup ]

Sayur Ketupat Betawi [ Betawi Vegetable and Rice Soup ]

Sayur Ketupat Betawi [ Betawi Vegetable and Rice Soup ]

This soup is best to be served with rice cake like ketupat. There are many different variation of this recipe from almost each region in Indonesia. Usually each region modifies a bit of the ingredients or the spices but they are all have similar taste. This soup is a classic soup on Eid day. Eid day celebration is not complete without having this dish on the table for dinner with family. 

Paste Ingredients :

6 Shallots 
8 Garlic
6 Thai Chilli
4 Candlenuts
¼ tsp shrimp paste

Other spices:
4 cm galangal (laos), bruised
2 cm fresh turmeric (kunyit), bruised
2 cm ginger, bruised
2 stalk of lemon grass. bruised
2 Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam)
Dried shrimp, soak in water then drain it and crush it in mortar pestle

Other Ingredients :
1 liter of water
400 ml of coconut milk
salt (adjust it to your taste)
fried shallot
1 Shredded green papaya and 1 or  chayote

250gr Yardlong bean, cut 

150 gr Stinky bean, cut (you can find this ingredients at an asian store, fresh or frozen)

200 gr Tofu and 250 gr tempeh, diced

I couldn't find tofu today at the market, I could only find tempeh instead. I diced it and sauté it a bit until it turns golden on each sides

The process:
1. Fry the pasted ingredients until fragrant on medium heat. Take your time and make sure it is cooked,
2. Add water and the rest of the spices,
3. Add coconut milk and yardlong bean, continue stirring with a ladle so the coconut milk doesn't get separated from the water,
4. Once it boils, add shredded green papaya and or chayote, mix gently,
5. Add stinky bean, tofu, tempeh and salt,
6. Continue cooking until the yardlong bean softens to your liking and don't forget to taste the soup,
7. Serve it with ketupat or lontong,
8. Usually this soup is served along with Sambal Telur Balado, Rendang and Opor,
9. Sprinkle fried shallot on top,
10. It is better to be cooked a day before serving so the spices will be well mix together.

Happy Cooking!!


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