Sate Puyuh [ Sweet Quail Egg Skewers ]

Sate Puyuh [ Sweet Quail Egg Skewers ]

Sate Puyuh [ Sweet Quail Egg Skewers ]

This is definitely my favorite side dishes to eat with bubur ayam. Its sweet and savoury at the same time, and its easy to cook too!
30 boiled and peeled quail eggs (if you use the canned egg like I did, rinse the eggs with running water to remove the can smell)
2 Indonesian bayleaf (daun salam)
1 Lemon grass, bruised
2 cm fresh galangal
1000 ml water 
3 Tbsp (45 ml) Ketjap manis 
2 Tbsp Indonesian brown sugar (gula jawa)
1 Tsp salt (to taste, or you can use chicken broth block as well)
8-10 bamboo brochette

To paste:
4 shallots (or 8 bawang merah)
2 cloves garlic
1 Tsp corriander powder

1. Sautée pasted ingredients, bayleafs, lemon grass, galangal until fragrant., then add water.
2. Once it boils, add Ketjap manis, brown sugar and salt. Mix well.
3. Add the quail eggs and let it boil once again then reduce heat, let it simmer for minimum 45 minutes (until the eggs turn brown).
4. Drain the eggs and arrange it on bamboo brochette.
Happy cooking!!

PS: the longer you leave the eggs in the mixture after boiling, the more flavor will be absorbed in and makes the eggs tastier. The mixture will make more broth than you need for a can of quail eggs, you can double the amount of the eggs for the same amount of broth. 


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