Blueberry in a minute

Blueberry in a minute

Blueberry in a minute

This is amazingly super quick dessert fix! It doesn't take much time nor ingredients!
1 cup of Blueberry, washed (any berries will do!)
2 cup of liquid whipping cream 
1 Tsp vanilla essence
2 Tbsp confectioner sugar (adjust to your taste)
¼ cup of shredded dark chocolate
1 clementine (grate the zest)

1. Mix the liquid whipping cream, vanilla essence and confectioner sugar. Whip it until it forms a nice firm cream. 
2. Put half cup of blueberry in a serving bowl. Drop 2 scoops of the whipped cream on it. 
3. Sprinkle the shredded dark chocolate.
4. Sprinkle the clementine zest.
5. Grab a spoon and enjoy your bowl of happiness!

PS: I always prefer to make my own whip cream then buy the canned on because with liquid whip cream, you can easily add flavoring and sugar. It is amazing what you can do with liquid whip cream, it just wonderful!.
I used Chilli dark chocolate, it gives a kick on every spoon I take. The flavor combination between, the blueberry, chocolate and clementine is very rich and the vanilla-ish whipped cream gives a smooth taste to it. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I hope to hear more updates from you!


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