Tengkleng [ Coconut Beef Curry Soup ]

Tengkleng [ Coconut Beef Curry Soup ]

Tengkleng [ Coconut Beef Curry Soup ]

Ingredients :

600gr Cubed beef (with sligh fat)
400gr Beef Ribs (or any beef bone)

1 Lemon grass stalk
2 Kafir lime leafs
100ml Coconut milk mix with 50ml warm water
6 tbs (90 ml) Olive oil
3 tbs (45 ml) Tamarind paste (you might want to soak the tamarind paste in warm water, press with spoon to remove the pits, then use the water to cook.)

Paste ingredients:
A pinch of Cumin
2 tsp Coriander
Chilli (optional)
8 Kemiri (candlenut)
4 Garlic cloves
7 Bawang merah , or 3 Shallots
2 cm fesh tumeric or 2tbs Turmeric powder
2 cm Ginger

1. Sautée all grinded ingredients until fragrant and the colour become shimmering gold.
2. Put the meat and ribs in, stir until colour changed then pour some water into the pan , make sure the water covers the meat evenly, perhaps you will need 2 or 2,5 lt.
3. Add the Lemongrass, Kafir Lime leaves and Tamarind.
4. Reduce the heat and let it boils. Once it boils, check if your meat is tender enough. Make sure you leave your pan without the lid so the water will evaporate a bit.
5. Pour in the Coconut milk mix and let it boils once again. You might to stir it once in awhile to make sure the coconut milk doesnt get separated from the water.
6. Your soup is ready to serve! Don`t forget to sprinkle fried shallot on top to add some Indonesian flavour to it.

Eat Smakelijk !!


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