Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings

Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings

Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings

So we got a new bbq, nothing fancy tho, just a small simple propane fueled one. Much like the one we had previously, the only different is this one is a portable, isn't practical?! So this chicken wings was basically the first thing I ever cooked on that new shiny bbq, and believe me, it was damn good (the chicken wings that was, obviously :P )

Why chicken wings? it's just because I wanted to use the bbq so much but I didn't want to prepare anything complicated, so I pulled out this fool-proof chicken wings recipe. Spicy, sticky, tender in the inside, crunchy on the outside, you know, all the chicken wings good stuff. 

1 tbsp Brandy alcohol
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp dried chili flakes (add more for extra spiciness)
2 tbsp Japanese soy sauce 
2 tbsp Asian fish sauce 
2 tsp sugar
1 heap tsp garlic paste
1 kg chicken wings
chopped scallion

The mix

Cooking step:
  1. In a big mixing bowl, mix all ingredients except the chicken wings, make sure the sugar is dissolved properly,
  2. Add the chicken wings and toss until each chicken wing is evenly coated, put aside to marinade (over the night if possible, but a couple of hours will do to)
  3. Pre-heat your bbq, oil the grill so the chicken wings won't get stuck to it and get ripped apart when you pick it up once it's cooked, 
  4. Arrange the chicken wings on the bbq on the indirect heat side for 7 minutes, close the lid, turn the chicken and continue for another 7 minutes or until it is cooked through and has that appetizing golden brown tan,
  5.  Transfer the wings onto the direct heat side and grill until crispy or until it gets that dark charred bbq line, it doesn't take look so keep an eye on it,
  6. Et voila, simply sprinkle chopped scallion on top and it is ready to be served!


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