Pudding Hun Kwe Nangka (Mung Bean Pudding with Ripe Jackfruit)

Pudding Hun Kwe Nangka (Mung Bean Pudding with Ripe Jackfruit)

Pudding Hun Kwe Nangka (Mung Bean Pudding with Ripe Jackfruit)

Several months ago I found a bag of mung bean at the local grocery store. Mung bean or we call it kacang ijo in Indonesia is quite awesome actually. It is widely used especially in South East Asian and Indian cooking. It is surprising what you can make from this bean actually. This noodle can be processed into noodles (glass noodle or transparent vermicelli is made from this bean), You can make a paste out of it for sweet buns filling, you can cook it with sugar and coconut milk and turn it as a tasty dessert, in Indian cooking, they make Dal with this beans. Put this bean on a wet cotton by the window for few days and you will find yourself greeted with beansprouts. I have also heard some face treatments brands using this bean as their skin-nourishing ingredients. This bean has more uses than myself, really.

Today I am using the starch of this wonderful bean (we call it Hun Kwe powder) for cooking a super simple traditional Indonesian dessert. Its a simple stiff pudding, usually enveloped in banana leaves, but since I am in my modern mood today (read: lazy mood, which is my default mood), I use ramekins instead.

Lets get started!

100 gr mung bean powder
400 ml coconut milk (I used canned one)
300 ml milk (I used soya milk)
120 gr sugar (adjust to your liking)
250 gr ripe jackfruit, cut into small bits (I used canned one), divide into 3 parts,
a pinch of salt
Vanilla essence
Pandan essence (if you are making two layers pudding)

Cooking step:
  1. In a pot on medium heat add coconut milk, milk, sugar, and salt. Stir gently so the sugar will dissolve faster before it boils, 
  2. Add mung bean powder, whisk continously using egg whisker, this part is very important to avoid clumps in your mixture, 
  3. Once the mixture bubbles, set aside from the stove right away, 
  4. If you are making two layers pudding, divide the mixture into two equal parts, add vanilla essence in one part, and pandan essence in the other, mix thoroughly, 
  5. Add one part of the diced ripe jackfruit for each of the mixture, and mix gently, 
  6. Put the first layer of the pudding in your ramekins or any mold you are using,
  7. Put the second layer, tap your ramekins gently to make sure there are no air bubbles or space between your layers, I wasn't very careful doing this part, as you can see on the pic below, I have bubbles (empty spots) in my pudding, 
  8. Sprinkle the last part of diced jackfruit on top as decoration, 
  9. Let cool completely before serving. 
Happy cooking!

PS: Step 3 to step 8 has to be done very quickly since the pudding sets in fast. Prepare your ramekins/molds before cooking.


  1. bahan-bahannya ga susah ya...
    jadi tertarik buat nyoba di dapur rumah!
    apalagi fotonya menggoda iman bangeeeet >.<

    salam kenal ya, mbak :D

  2. Salam kenal juga Han :)
    Yuk cobain bikin, gampang banget loh (kalo kata ibu saya; ini mah sambil merem juga jadi).
    Let me know how it works for you.

    PS: Jgn dengerin ibu saya, terakhir saya merem taunya malah bablas tidur bukannya masak.. hahahah.. :D


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