Ampyang Jahe Kacang Mete (Cashew ginger brittle)

Ampyang Jahe Kacang Mete (Cashew ginger brittle)

Ampyang Jahe Kacang Mete (Cashew ginger brittle)

Ampyang Jahe, peanut brittle

Its Valentine's Day and its so cold outside (-26 C), so lets just snuggle around and munching on Valentine's Day snack. I won't make any chocolate-y delicacy today (because I don't have the ingredients and too lazy to go out in this temperature, obviously), instead, I will make a traditional Javanese sweet snack called Ampyang Jahe or Peanut Ginger Brittle. I have been craving for this snack for awhile. I made a brittle before, but it was Blueberry Brittle. It was yummy, but today I am making the real Javanese peanut brittle. 

Off we go to the kitchen!

100 gr unsalted roasted peanuts
100 gr unsalted roasted cashew
200 gr shredded gula jawa (Indonesian palm sugar)
1 tbsp shredded fresh ginger
a pinch of salt
50 ml water

Cooking step:
  1. On non-sticky pan, put shredded gula jawa, shredded ginger, salt, and water. Put the heat on medium and let the gula jawa melts, stir frequently, 
  2. Continue cooking until it bubbles and thickens a little bit, like caramelly texture,
  3. Lower the heat, add peanuts and cashew, fold it in the gula jawa caramel, 
  4. Once the peanuts and cashew is coated and when you pull your spatula, the caramel makes somekind of fiberish texture, scoop it and put it on a parchment paper and let cool.
  5. Allow it to cool completely, then serve it with a cup of tea,
  6. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's day cooking!

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