Kering Tempeh (Candied Tempeh)

Kering Tempeh (Candied Tempeh)

Kering Tempeh (Candied Tempeh)

This is my all time favourite side dish: Kering Tempeh. Its sweet and savoury at the same time. I can eat it simply with steamed rice and I'll be happy. My mom used to make jars of it, its like a staple to have on our dinner table. Whenever I go back to Indonesia I always ask her to make few packs of it for me to bring back to Québec. My love for this one defies all boundary (drama-queen mode on). I know its risky to bring home-made food through airports, but for this one I am willingly take the risk. I don't do it often anymore tho since I know how to make it and I can finally get tempeh in Quebec. Of course my mom's Kering Tempeh tastes better but I must say I am pretty proud of mine as well. 

The tempeh on this recipe suppose to be crunchy sticks so the key of a good Kering Tempeh is (obviously) getting the right Tempeh. Some tempeh (like the one I have) can't get crunchy altho I have deep fried it, which kind of a bummer. It doesn't stay good as long as well. The use of galangal and kaffir lime leaves in this recipe are also crucial, please don't leave out those two magical ingredients. Without them your Kering Tempeh will be like Madonna's latest discography; bland and boring. 


400 grams of Tempeh, cut into matchsticks size
100 grams of dried small anchovies (ikan teri)
5 Thai chillies, cut in chunks 
2 Daun Salam (Indonesian Bayleaves)
4 Daun Jeruk (Kaffir lime leaves), thinly cut (chifonade)
1 inch of fresh galangal, bruised
100 gr of Gula Jawa (Indonesian palm sugar), shred it so it melts easier
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp oil

Spice to paste:

3 shallots, 
3 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp corriander seed 

Cooking steps: 

  1. Deep fry the tempeh until it turns golden and crunchy, set aside on a paper towel,
  2. Deep fry the small anchovies in the same manner with the tempeh. I used a different pan with a bit less oil because after frying, the oil become stinky and un-reusable, 
  3. Sauté the spice paste with oil, add thai chillies, daun salam, daun jeruk and galangal until fragrant,
  4. Add gula jawa and salt. Lower the heat a little bit, keep folding using a spatula and continue cooking until it becomes a sticky and thick sauce, 
  5. Add the fried tempeh and anchovies, toss gently until the tempeh pieces are evenly coated with the sauce,
  6. Et voila, turn the heat off and your Kering Tempeh is ready to be served!

Happy Cooking!!


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