Jongkong Kelapa Muda

Jongkong Kelapa Muda

Jongkong Kelapa Muda

Jongkong kelapa muda

I noticed that I don't post a lot of Indonesian dessert on this blog, I really think I should do more. I didn't grow up eating sweets and desserts much because mostly my mom served us fresh fruit for dessert and it was sufficient. My dessert intake was partly fulfilled by the street vendors and it was awesome... aahhh.. miss you much street vendor guys, you were part of my sweet childhood!!

Today's recipe might looks complicated to make but its actually pretty easy and fail-proof. A lovely friend of mine, Erica, and me prepared the dish particularly for the photo.

Ingredients for the Indonesian rice custard/bubur sumsum (the green part of the pic):

100 gr rice flour
30 gr tapioca starch
3/4 tbsp salt
1 Pandan leaf
650 ml water
1 tbsp Pandan essence (depends on how strong is your Pandan essence, adjust accordingly)

Cooking step:

  1. On medium heat, mix rice flour, tapioca starch and salt, Pandan leaf,water and Pandan essense and mix thoroughly. Continue cooking until it thickens and forms a custard texture. Remove from heat and set aside.

Ingredients for the sweet sauce:

400 ml thick coconut milk (one can)
400 ml light coconut milk (one can)
150 gr Indonesian palm sugar (gula jawa), depends of how sweet you'd like it
25 gr sugar
1 Pandan leaf
1/2 tsp salt

Cooking step:

  1. On medium heat, put thick coconut milk, light coconut milk, Indonesian palm sugar, sugar, Pandan leaf, and salt, bring to boil. It is best if you stir it gently all the way while its cooking. 
  2. Once its boil, carefully filter the sauce (sometime Indonesian palm sugar has impurities looking like black sand) and set aside. 


400 gr ripe Jackfruit, thinly sliced (I use canned one)
400 gr Coconut meat, thinly sliced (I use canned one)
1 cup of cooked sago pearls


  1.  On your best dessert plating cup, scoop a generous amount of the Bubur Sumsum, a tbsp of cooked sago pearls, Jackfruit and Coconut meat. Then gently pour the sweet sauce. Et voila, your dessert is ready!
  2. This recipe can also be served as warm dessert. Simply wrap a serving portion in banana leaf and steam it for about 10-15 minutes. 

Happy Cooking!


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