Tollo' Sarre' a.k.a Torajan chicken soup

Tollo' Sarre' a.k.a Torajan chicken soup

Tollo' Sarre' a.k.a Torajan chicken soup

Tollo' Sarre' a.k.a Torajan chicken soup
From Nangbus' Kitchen

The recipe for today is a traditional soup recipe from Tana Toraja (my beloved homeland). This soup is one of the most popular dish in traditional celebrations. It is easy to cook this soup and it uses common ingredients. Nowadays we can find this dish as one of everyday meals in Tana Toraja. 
I personally love to have it when I am not feeling well, especially when I am having cold or fever. Its not only it brings home comfort, but also its actually good for your health. 

Don't be intimidated by the floating chillies on the picture, trust me, its not that spicy, especially if you put the whole chillies (without cutting it) and you put it at the end of cooking. 
For this particular recipe, I am using the chicken that bred and raised in the country side (like my grandma used to do). The chicken mostly a bit skinny and less fatty. its growth-hormon free chicken. 

The spices; like the ginger, lemon grass, chillies and pepper in the soup gives you this warm and comfort feeling on everyspoon. Perfect for cold weather.

For this particular recipe, we both tried it on our kitchens at the same day, and both turned out awesome!! We always try our recipes at both kitchens before we upload it, just to make sure its worth the taste and easy to do. We did had fun mocking each other when one of us failed, and there are also tons of moments where we grief together wondering what went wrong when we couldn't nail a recipe. Cooking is fun!!


1 whole chicken (or pieces of chicken equivalent of 1-1,5 kg)
7-10 lemon grass (reduce the number if your lemon grass are big)
200 gr ginger, peeled and bruised
2-3 cm or galangal, peeled
100 gr shallot, thinly sliced
150 gr garlic, peeled and bruised
4 kaffir lime leaves, torn on the sides
Red chillies
White pepper
Sugar (if needed)

Cooking step:

1. Put the chicken in pot or a slow cooker. Put water until it at least cover the chicken (I put around 2-3 cm above the chicken) and start cooking on medium heat;
2. Add bruised garlic, lemon grass, ginger, galangal, powdered white pepper and kaffir lime leaves;
3. Meanwhile waiting for the water to boil, sauté the sliced shallot with oil until it turns translucent and fragrant;

5. Once the shallots is ready, add into the chicken pot. Mix gently, add one spoon of the left over oil from sauté-ing the shallots into the pot  as well (I suggest you to use new oil for sauté);
6. Add salt (and a bit of sugar if needed),
7. Continue cooking until the chicken is tender (usually growth-free chicken takes longer in cooking to be tender);
8. Add chillies and continue cooking on low heat, make sure you stop cooking before the chillies become too cooked and too mushy.
9. Serve the soup with a sprinkle of fried shallot on top.

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