Sate Daging [Sweet Beef Satay]

Sate Daging [Sweet Beef Satay]

Sate Daging [Sweet Beef Satay]

Sate Daging [Sweet Beef Satay]

Whenever I have to bring a dish on potluck parties or having guests for dinner, one of my top notch dishes is this simple beef satay. My favorite beef satay is not dipped in peanut sauce. So whats with that bowl of peanut sauce on the pic? Well, it just decoration.. hehehehe..

The sauce give a nice balance of sweet and spicy. Let your guess know about the chilli so they don't get surprised when they accidentally bite on one. It can be very spicy for some people. Or if you feel a bit evil, just keep quiet and wait till someone bite on the chilli and get the spice attack!


1 kg of beef (better with marbled fat so it will stay juicy after grilling)
½ cup of Ketjap manis
2 Shallots. sliced
5 Thai chillies, sliced
2-4 Kaffir lime leaves (finely chopped)
1 Tomato (best use less meaty tomato like Italian tomato), diced small
½ Tsp corriander powder

Cooking steps:

1. Dice the meat into bite sizeput in a bowl with lid and set aside in the fridge,
2. In a glass bowl, mix ½ cup of Ketjap Manis, sliced shallots, sliced chillies and finely chopped kaffir lime leaves, mix all the ingredients thoroughly,
3. Pour half of the Ketjap mix on the meat and sprinkle ½ tsp corriander, mix the meat with the sauce until each meat is well coated, put the lid back on and let it marinade for about an hour (or longer) in the fridge.
4. Meanwhile, with the left over sauce, add in the diced tomato and set aside in the fridge until serving time. You can add the tomato a minute before serving if you want the sauce to stay thick since tomatoes tend to release a lot of liquid,
5. Preheat your bbq, meanwhile arrange your meat on skewers,
6. Grill your meat for about 3 minutes each side (depends on how thick the meat is, how fatty and how juicy you want it to be),
7. Serve it on a plate with a bowl of rice.
8. You can pour the left over sauce on the meat or simply serve it in a small bowl as a dip.

Happy cooking!!


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