Bumbu Daging Bali (Balinese Spice Base for Beef or Red Meats]

Bumbu Daging Bali (Balinese Spice Base for Beef or Red Meats]

Bumbu Daging Bali (Balinese Spice Base for Beef or Red Meats]

Lemper Daging Bumbu Bali

As you have guessed, for the following post will be about Balinese spice... hihihihi.. The pic above contains more or less the type of the ingredients I used for the spice mix. I used more than triple the amount of what shown on the pic tho. You see that I have two kind of chillies? The big one is not spicy. It has the smell and the taste of Thai chilli but not the hotness, which is perfect so I can have big amount of paste with chilli flavour without burning my tongue off.


250 gr big red chillies, seeded,
40 gr Thai chillies, seeded,
50 garlic, peeled,
200 gr shallots, peeled
50 gr ginger,
150 laos (galangal),
100 gr candlenut,
2 tbsp black pepper corns,
2 tbsp coriander seed,
40 gr Indonesian palm sugar,
150 ml coconut oil,
250 water,
3 salam leaves
¾ tbsp salt

Cooking steps:

1. In a mortar pestle, grind corriander and black pepper corns into powder and set aside.
2. Put big red chillies, thai chillies, garlic, shallots, ginger, galangal, and candlenut into a processor and process it into a soft paste.
3. Preheat coconut oil and saute the spice paste and add the grinded corriander and black pepper corns, and salam leaves.
4. Continue cooking in medium heat until it smell fragrants and changes into a darker red color then add water and salt.
5. Stir from time to time and continue cooking until the water evaporates and the paste thicken,
6. Once the mix is ready, separate it into smaller parts and freeze it. Et voila! Its ready to be used whenever you need it!

Happy cooking!!


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