Tahu Gejrot [ Spicy Tofu ] recipe

Tahu Gejrot [ Spicy Tofu ] recipe

Tahu Gejrot [ Spicy Tofu ] recipe

This post is the follow up of the previous article on Tahu Gejrot. The recipe I found was pretty simple. I used dried small shrimp instead of shrimp paste (terasi). I think dried small shrimp has a better taste and smell less offensive than shrimp paste.  
20 fluffy toffu

3 shallots
2 garlic
2 tsp dried shrimp (ebi)
75 gr indonesian palm sugar (gula jawa)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp tamarind paste 
350 ml water

Coarsely grind paste:
3 thai chilli (improvise the amount of the chilli to your liking)
2 shallot

1. For the sauce; paste shallot, garlic and dried shrimp (ebi),
2. Boil water and add palm sugar, sugar, salt, and tamarind paste. Stir so the palm sugar easily dissolve,
3. Add the shallot paste and bring to boil,
4. Once its boil, turn the stove off and let the sauce cools down
5. Meanwhile, grind 3 thai chilli, a garlic and 2 shallot with a mortar pestle. Don't over grind it, let it be a chunky paste. 
6. Cut the toffu into bite size and put it in a bowl,
7. Add the coarsely grind chilli paste and pour the sugar sauce on top.
8. Et voila, our tahu gejrot is ready to serve!

Happy cooking!!


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