Martabak Nutella [ Indonesian Nutella Double Pancake ]

Martabak Nutella [ Indonesian Nutella Double Pancake ]

Martabak Nutella [ Indonesian Nutella Double Pancake ]

Ladies and gentlemen, here I present you one of the famous street food delicacies in Jakarta; martabak manis. Today I made it with Nutella spread. I must admit, its epic!.. Its pretty easy to make too. Well, as you might have noticed, almost all the recipes in this blog is easy to make. Easy and tasty!  
If you are wondering what kind of texturing you are expecting from a martabak manis, its like a mix of waffle and american pancake with pores. It's not too heavy as long as you keep the spread simple. 

Ingredients :

500 gr All purpose flour
100 gr Sugar
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Yeast
1/4 tsp Salt
650 ml Luke warm water
2 Egg, beaten
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbs melted butter
Butter - room temperature

Spread filling :
Roasted Peanuts , crushed
Condensed milk (optional)
Fine Granulated sugar
Nutella (you can use chocolate sprinkle as well)

1. In a big mixing bowl, mix evenly flour, salt and baking powder,
2. In a smaller bowl, beat 2 eggs and vanilla essence,
3. In another bowl, dissolve sugar in 650 ml luke warm water, then add the yeast and mix gently, let it grow for about 10 minutes,
4. Once the yeast are properly grown, slowly pour it into the flour and whisk gently,
5. Add the beaten eggs and continue whisk it with muscles!. Do not use mixer machine, use hand whisk!

2. Whisk evenly with medium speed, you can control your hand, make sure you have enough energy ;-) ,
add melted butter.. whisk about 3 minutes until its smooth.

3. Set aside, cover with damped kitchen cloth , let stand until double  in size , about 1 hour (the longer you let it stand, the puffier and softer your dough will become),

4. Set up your non-sticky skillet on medium heat (mine was 24 cm of diameter) and grease it with butter,
5. Get your batter ready, whisk it with power for about a minute. We want bubbles of air in the batter to make the martabak porous. Pour generously the batter onto the skillet, about 2 cm thick,
6. Lower a bit the heat and wait until it bubbles on the surface of the batter,

7. Cover the skillet with lid, check it once every a couple of minutes to make sure it doesn't burn,
8. Once its cooked (to make sure the inside of the martabak isn't still liquidy, poke it with toothpick and make sure it comes out clean), spread a very-thin layer of butter then spread the filling evenly. I did this in this order: nutella, crushed peanuts, a swirl around the surface with condensed milk then top it with a sprinkle of sugar,
9. Fold the martabak in half.

9. Cut the martabak into serving size and serve it with a cup of hot tea.

See, I told you its easy! If you ever tasted the real martabak from the street vendor, you'd be able to modify this recipe to your liking by using the spread you like.

Happy cooking!!

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