BekBra ala Nangbus [ Roasted Duck ]

BekBra ala Nangbus [ Roasted Duck ]

BekBra ala Nangbus [ Roasted Duck ]

This is simple dish to make yet takes a night to marinate ...
I got this recipe from my cousin , we wanted to have Roasted Duck as our main meal in Christmas Eve few years ago...
I always thought to cook duck very difficult and cost alot of energy.. but yes She has changed my thought..

Ingredients :

1 whole duck
10cm pasted fresh ginger
8 cloves Garlic , pasted
150ml Honey
50ml vegetable oil
150ml salt soya
200ml Brandy
1 tbs Black Pepper powder
1 lemon
1 Star Anise

PREPARE this a night before !!!

1. Clean the duck, smear with lemon juice, set aside 20 mints to remove the strong smell of the meat, rinse and and drain it with kitchen paper or clean kitchen towel , put aside
2. In a sauce pan put all ingredients, slow heat , stir once in a while ... in a very low heat until its boiled.
3. Wait until the brandy sauce cool ...
4. Now Massage the duck with sauce, if possible also under the skin...
5. In a  box container or plastik bag ,, well I used plastic bag because the space in my fridge not big enough for a plastic box ,

Ps: hmmm because at that time I made 2 ducks as you see in this picture and at that time was winter ,, so I put them in the plastic bag also the sauce , sealed tight , and put the plastic bag in a bucket,  the lid on to protect them from cat since my neighbour's cat likes to play in my backgarden , and let it rest for a night outside...

A day after..
6. Preheat the oven 175'C  for 10 minutes
7. Put the duck in Grill mode , for 2 hours ..
8. Put the duck in cooking rack over the baking pan.
9. Bake the duck for 2 hours. position the duck with breast down for the 1st hour then turn it over breast up for the remaining hour...

And Voila !! You can start the dinner :-)  ..

Happy Cooking !!!


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