I Like My Food Spicy

This Sunday is my me-time day, and what is a me-time without eating your fav food? This is the exact question that inspired today's recipe. One of my fav food is fried stuff. I know, I know, its not very healthy, but what can I say, I love it. Fried food is my definitely sinful delights!

I just can't get enough of cooking casserole! Its easy and it makes left over for the next day lunch.. This casserole is a classic in my family. My mom always make it at least once when I was still living with herand it easily became one of my comfort food. 

The sweater weather has just begun, it also means apple picking season is here. Lets do something with those apples other than making it into jam or pies. Today I made Maple Apple Butter and what I needed was maple, apple, and butter, like literally. 

Today's recipe was based on Mie Aceh recipe (mie means noodle, Aceh is a province of the northern Sumatra in Indonesia). As many other dishes from Sumatra, this Mie Aceh has thick influence of Indian and Middle Eastern spices. 
Raspberry Steamed Cake

Hey there lovely dumplings, whats up? 
I have been late again for posting, haven't I? To be honest, the blog is not the only thing I have been neglected this summer. For inexplicable reasons, I am just feeling uninspired to do my routines and that includes blogging, doing chores, and wearing pants. I am sure this is only a momentary mood (it'd better be). 
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