I Like My Food Spicy
A month into this quarantine, I have been into this comfort food cooking frenzy. Today's binge was rice porridge/congee with aromatic chicken broth or Bubur Ayam Kuah Kuning. Bubur ayam is one of the a breakfast staples in the area where I grew up. It's cheap, tasty, and filling. Perfect breakfast menu, IMHO. I used to buy it from the street vendor almost every morning.

This pandemic quarantine gives me all the time in the world to re-make my fav snacks and unlimited access to the kitchen, so this wfh thing doesn't really work for me. I end up making snacks with whatever we have in the kitchen. If the pandemic doesn't get me, obesity sure will. Help!

Aaaaand I am back and I am ready for snack ideas during this pandemic because during this shutdown, lockdown, whatchamacallit, we are here together. Bored and hungry, so let's whip out easy to make - easier to eat snacks from whatever we have in the kitchen, shall we? Today's snack is Lumpia Mie or Noodle Spring Rolls. Let's start!

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't written any recipe in a while. I wished I could say it's because I have been busy saving the world. Alas, the real reason is sadly bereft of muscle, blue spandex, inside-out bright red panties with matching flying cape, and heroic actions.

Last week was the Chinese Spring Lantern Festival or in Indonesia we call it Cap Go Meh (Cap = ten, Go = Five, Meh = nights). This festival celebrates the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar. It also marks the end of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

Last week was the Superbowl Sunday and I had the whole appartement to myself. Usually, when I am left alone and have nobody around to impress, culinary or physically, I do stuff that is not considered as an appropriate material for this kind of blog. However, last Sunday was different. After a long break of serious cooking, I pulled myself together and decided to eat like a real human being. 

Banana, ooh na-na
All day I dream about banana, ooh na-na
So I made this bread of banana, na-na-na
Oh, but my home smells like banana (ay)
There nothin' wrong 'bout this matter (uh huh)
Banana, ooh na-na (uh)

Have you ever had Butter Chicken made by real Indian mom with authentic recipe? Would you tell me how is it tastes like? Is it always as sweet as the one at the restaurant?... Honestly, all the butter chicken I have had was from restaurants and it's always very sweet, almost like candy sweet. I wonder is it supposed to be that sweet?... Today I made my version of Butter Chicken, and it is not as sweet as the one at the restaurant. I like it better this way. How do you like your Butter Chicken?

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