Lontong Sayur Ampela Ayam [ Rice Cakes with Chicken Hearts and Gizzards ]

Lontong Sayur Ampela Ayam [ Rice Cakes with Chicken Hearts and Gizzards ]

Lontong Sayur Ampela Ayam [ Rice Cakes with Chicken Hearts and Gizzards ]

Some people disgusted by chicken gizzard and heart, some people even doesn`t know that we can eat gizzard and heart and some awesome people like me, looove it! It tastes exactly like meat, it can be a very good meat substitute and its cheap. The only thing tho, the texture a bit different. A bit chewy. well, I don't know if chewy is the right word. It is not rubber-sole-kind-of chewy that you have to chew and chew and it doesn`t become soft. Go get some at your butcher and taste it yourself, you will get what I mean..


200gr Chicken heart
200gr Chicken gizzard
1 Chayotte (labu siam), julienned
250gr long green bean (in my case I didn`t have it)
1 tbsp galangal powdered or 2cm of the fresh one
2 bay leaf (daun salam)
1 can of coconut milk
150ml of water (optional)
2 kaffir lime leaf (optional, I just like the hint of this scent on most of my cooking)

Paste :
3 Thailand chillies
5 shallots (go take a look in your kitchen, are your shallots as big as your thumb, means you need around 8 of them)
4 garlic cloves
2tbsp Indonesian brown sugar (or just any sugar)
1tsp of salt (or you might just go as your taste)

1. Sautée the paste ingredients until fragrant then put in the bay leaf and kaffir lime leaf.
2. Put in the chicken and gizzard (I assumed at this point you already cut the gizzard in 3, or any size bites)
3. When the heard and gizzad start to change colour, add in the coconut milk.
4. After it boils, check the gizzard, poke it with fork and if it is tender enough to your taste, put in the chayotte and the green bean.
5. Let it boil for a bit longer till the chayotte is tender.

Note: if you like the sauce thick, boil it a bit longer. I will suggest you to put the chayotte and the bean later on once the sauce is thickens.

Lontong is NEEDED in order to serve this dish. Well if there is no Lontong, we won`t be calling this Lontong Sayur anyway, will we?.. LOL..
I have write the recipe for the lontong on my previous post. Go check it out!

happy cooking!


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